The LIGFI Website is henceforth active and open to constructive dialogue!

Since its foundation on the 12th of May 2009, much internal work and effort has been put into shaping how the Luxembourg Institute for Global Financial Integrity should function in the interests of its members, partners and other stakeholders. As LIGFI has the ambition to be a relevant player in the global financial sector, its national financial centers and jurisdictions, the obvious conclusion is that its website can reach out to all corners of the world and must hence play a central role in bringing people and organizations together for research and constructive open dialogue. The present state of the website provides the start for the Institute to assume its role of Forum within and outside the global financial sector.
The website includes a Blog that can be used to post thoughts and comments as well as to provide links and attach documents for perusal. LIGFI imposes the one condition for posting being that the blog user respects the principle of constructive open dialogue that involves courtesy and respect for the opinions of others, including those of the Institute. Otherwise, LIGFI much looks forward to as many diverse thought-provoking ideas and perspectives as are possible!