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The Luxembourg Institute for Global Financial Integrity will post under Press Room any articles and other materials published by the media pertaining to LIGFI and areas of interest of its members, partners and other stakeholders.



13 mar 2014: TIGFI 33rd Monthly Finance Lunch on 12 March 2014: Luxemburger Wort article, 13.03.2014

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13 sept 2011: Luxemburg hat seine GAFI Auflagen erfüllt

13 sept 2011: Luxembourg praised by OECD Peer Review

17 nov 2011 : Ethik und Moral statt nur Gier

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16 mar 2012 : Ethik für den Finanzsektor

TIGFI endorses a new media partnership with the top economic media paperJam

paperJam is the top economic media in Luxembourg and therefore an essential communication vehicle for the whole of the Greater Region.

With a 19% increase in its readership according to the Plurimedia 2010/11 survey, paperJam has had the 2nd strongest growth within the Luxembourg press.

These figures strengthen its leading position in the economic press, based on its editorial independence, the originality of its layout and the quality of its photos.

The two-book formula is granted with success, as it allows more pragmatic reading, with one book devoted to economic and financial news and the other one dealing with “Best Practices”, very useful and appreciated in the business world.